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Bachman & LaPointe, P.C. was founded in 1978. The firm has a well established tradition of providing its clients with a full spectrum of intellectual property services. The firm has a stable client base including clients who have been with the firm since its inception.

The firm's attorneys have a wide range of experience, including service as in-house intellectual property counsel and as patent examiners. The firm has utilized this experience to assist clients in developing and commercializing their intellectual property assets on a worldwide basis, while minimizing potential legal risks. It is a principal goal of the firm to provide prompt and quality service to its clients.

The firm's practice emphasizes the creation and protection of intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and related matters.

The firm's services include securing intellectual property rights worldwide, the licensing and sale of proprietary technology, and the enforcement of intellectual property rights worldwide.

The firm has a history of working with both large and small companies in all areas of intellectual property law and includes attorneys well versed in diverse fields of technology. The firmís clients have traditionally been actively involved in the global procurement and enforcement of intellectual property. Accordingly, the firm has long established relationships with intellectual property counsel worldwide.

For many years the firm has represented United Technologies Corporation as one of a limited number of Preferred Counsel for patent prosecution matters in the United States.

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